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Dear Host Family, dear Teacher, Jürgen and Meike Matthes

My wife and I have been bringing German students to Eastbourne since 1982. I started to visit Eastbourne as a young student at the age of eleven and returned year after year until I set up the Jürgen Matthes Student Organisation to enable students from all over Germany to improve their English in Eastbourne on our holiday language courses. Over the years Eastbourne has become our second home.
We are extremely happy with the support of our host families. We have established a good reputation as a caring organisation in Eastbourne as well as in Germany.
In the following guidelines we have compiled the results of our experience with our host families and our students. We would appreciate it if you could take the time to study this information carefully.
All our students are also provided with corresponding information.
Before our students visit Eastbourne, we have meetings with our students and their parents to prepare everybody for their stay. On the first day after each arrival we have another 3 hour meeting in Eastbourne with our students, leaders and teachers to ensure that everybody is well informed on every aspect of each stay.
We wish you an enjoyable time with your guests.

Yours truly,

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